2014 Season TOURNEY 2

The KOs braved the storms of the Coquihalla to travel to Surrey Guildford Rec Centre March 1-2, 2014 to compete in the second BC WC Rugby League games weekend.

As always, it was a great weekend of bonding, team building, and fun times !!  Andrew Davis joined us to complete our highpoint lineup and we traded Paul to compliment Vancouver and Victoria lowpoint lineups.  Now, you might think Paul would try to help his fellow underdogs score a few points and make some mistakes, but there he was, so many times,  jabbing a pick into our ballcarrier’s wheels and even scoring a few goals of his own !!  Way to go Paul !  And thanks Andrew ! Always a pleasure to play with you as we learn to play with the BC pros !


April 4-6, 2014 at Spring Valley Middle School on Ziprick Road beside Cosco


Visit us soon for highlights on more events and upcoming demos !!

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