2016-17 Season Coming Up !

The KOs annual demo in downtown Kelowna’s City Park was a great hit again mid-August

…Followed by another annual event hosted by Parkinson Rec Centre, we work together to expose children and families with developmental disabilities to new sports, health, and community opportunities.

The KOs practice venue, St.Joseph Elementary was under construction, so we had a bit of a delay in our weekly practices startup.  BUT NOW WE’RE BACK !!  …check schedule menu for full details on Memberships and drop-in Fees…

Kicking off the season with a new 19″ rugby sport chair, we can now accommodate even more interest since larger sport chairs are sometimes rare.  Custom made chairs are an extremely important aspect of the sport and we can now offer larger athletes and community members the opportunity to come out and play with us… MANY THANKS TO THE GENEROUS SUPPORT OF THE KELOWNA KINSMEN CLUB !  … also, one of our long time athletes, Paul Thomas, is getting new wheels on his old clunker that was donated by Jubal Wright… undoubtedly this will help his chair skills and speed.

Wheelchair rugby is a fantastic team sport and a great way to get in shape and have some fun !!  Come join us !  Everyone welcome !

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