Across the Bridge at Glenrosa Elementary

After the fantastic evening with the Brownies, we loaded up our vehicles with 12 rugby chairs and all our tools and bags and balls and spare wheels to do a demo for Miss Leanne’s classroom and guests at Glenrosa Elementary School.

KOs President introduced the event with a discussion on Spinal Cord Injuries to the 8-12 year olds and how that affects physical function.  Opening the floor to a Q&A, the next hour was full of curious questions and discussions about many things related to sports, health, lifestyle changes, and overcoming or dealing with an injury and a new way of life. As we watched Scott talk to the kids we listened again to why he makes such a wonderful spokesperson with his ability to keep an audience engaged.

Then we headed to the gym where 36 kids got to scrimmage against each with 3 of our athletes leading.  These kids have learned more about sports in school and they are well on their way to becoming little rugby warriors providing some good challenges on the court and some quick goals !

Check out their photos on our Community Programs menu and check back for more kids highlights when we next head to Vernon and Kelowna to demo wheelchair rugby again with 2 Pacific Sports XploreSportz Kids Camps during spring break…

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