Coaches attend Vancouver Clinic with Kevin Orr and Team Canada

KOs Coaches attended a very informative Coaching Clinic with Canada National Wheelchair Rugby Coaches, Kevin Orr and Patrick Cote prior to the Vancouver Invitational where 8 North American Teams will compete in a 3 day tournament.  After 3 days of Team Canada tryouts, the professionalism and dedication of the entire team was obvious as we spent an afternoon with them.


The value added to local programs to assist Coaching Development in an environment such as this, provides huge positives towards the knowledge and motivation through open discussion and well organized presentation and demos with 17 team members.


Even the National Athletes commented on the value of getting back to basics through demonstrations and presentations they made to the Junior Coaches.  Being able to verbalize their understanding of techniques and drills engaged their own leadership skills as Kevin empowered learning by all.


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