KOs take the Bronze medal in Kamloops Legacy Performance Games

June 27-30,2013    BCWSA and Kamloops Sport Council hosted the first Kamloops Legacy  Games !!    6 Canadian Regional Performance Teams competed at  TCC….Okanagan Team was there sporting the new  jerseys sponsored by Hybrid Elevator (a custom elevator company that is right here in Kelowna)…although we didn’t know there were awards at the end of the tourney and we had taken our jerseys off…Ooops ! Missed photo op

KOs members combined a team with Victoria members to form the Okanagan/Island Team where they played hard to win the Bronze, even against our man, Scott James, who  joined Manitoba to build a team.   Lots of fun seeing everyone learning to work with players they’ve never played with before !!  

After a loss against Edmonton in the first game of the tourney, then a big win on Calgary, a win on Manitoba, and a loss against Seattle , our final game on Sunday was still in the balance.  Many thanks to Kelowna’s guest Coach, Mark Sheppard.   In the end, Okanagan/Island team proposed an unbeatable team strength and fierce presence to win our way to the Bronze Medal over Calgary and Manitoba !! 

The Okanagan team was determined to prove their abilities, when they played all low-point lineups of 0.5-1.5 classifications (which are all defensive chairs BTW).  When you notice a lineup like that on the court, you, go, ‘Wow ! Now, that’s teamwork !’ 

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