Kelowna Sport Hero Gala Honors Our Own

Every year Kelowna and Pacific Sport host an evening to honour the many Sport Heroes that provide countless hours of support to the local sport teams.  This year it’s at RCA on Feb.7th.  Without the generosity of the selfless individuals, our team in particular would really struggle.  Rugby sport chairs weigh in at about 50 lbs each and have to be carried, lifted, man(and woman)-handled to and from storage, vehicles, and gyms for every practice and event we attend or host.  Then there’s maintenance and fitting new people and redesigning seating, repairing everything from upholstery to cracks in the aluminum, and making adaptive sport gloves.  Scott Worrall is a new volunteer member with the KOs and has, in the past 9 months proven his own weight in gold.  A strong and burly gentleman, the timing of Scott’s arrival to our team and his unwaivering dedication has been a most welcomed blessing !  We are so proud to have been able to nominate him for this much deserved award.  He is a great human and we are happy to have him in and on our court. :)

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