KOs atUBCO for Health Sciences Forum and Demo

On Thursday, March 6, 1:30-4:00 pm, at UBC Okanagan South Gym,

The KOs athletes and organizers presented a Wheelchair Rugby demonstration with students and instructors to discuss and engage in this aggressive full contact team sport.

SHAW Cable Host, Doug Brown, and Cameraman, Chris, made the event especially exciting as Doug reported, on location, from the UBCO South Gym (KOs clips air on Shaw Okanagan for only a few days beginning Apr.13, and then on youtube).

Doug crashed and bashed around with us while our Official, Colleen, wore a microphone to describe the goals and fouls while refereeing the game.

Okanagan College students even attended as we all shared a fast paced afternoon of hard training and scrimmage.  We had a full compliment of volunteers including Gary Crowe, Wes Quist, Blair Bosscher, Jason James, and Colleen Bryant.  Thanks to all !  Without volunteers and organizers, valuable programs like this would not survive.

This was a full afternoon of engaging hands on experience and knowledge of nurses, doctors, students, instructors to understand function and capabilities of quadriplegics and paraplegics.  Guests were encouraged to investigate muscles that do and don’t fire and how much that can change on an individual basis.  We demonstrated varying hand functions and use of different adaptive  and safety products used for balancing and stabilization of the athletes, introduction to the custom made sport chairs, including the financial / comfort / performance values. 

This awareness, along with realizing what it takes to keep up on the court, was quite an eyeopener for some !!

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