KOs Compete at Calgary IGNITE Tourney

April 6,7 was an exciting weekend for Calgary and for the KOs !  It was Calgary’s first time hosting a 5 team tournament and a huge hit thanks to their Program Coordinator, who is also the KOs Program Coordinator !! Thanks Miss Colleen Bryant ! You are truly amazing !  Colleen is also an IWRF training referee and a very speedy equipment manager – talent beyond just skill :) ….

Kelowna team members and guest athletes from Victoria, New Brunswick, and Quebec all competed in 3 games on Saturday and started strong, winning their first game against BC Pacific.  In the second game against Edmonton they held their own and did really well in the 3rd game against our old teammates, Calgary .  Sunday started off with some very competitive scoring against Saskatchewan, but by then, Saskatchewan was playing to win the points tourney and their high performance athletes played nearly the entire game.  Though Kelowna struggled this game, they kept their confidence and their cool and played hard and with some huge smiles on their faces and a win they never quite expected !!

By far, the positive attitudes of these players outshines anything else and being the newest team in Canada, they have made a tremendous progression and really enjoy working with other great players across Canada.

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