KOs Talk Disability Awareness at XploreSportz Kids Camps

March 20 and 23, 2015 a few KOs Leaders and Volunteers load up their vehicles and head to Vernon and Rutland.  35-40 kids and adults in a gym crashing and laughing in 13 rugby sportchairs sometimes seems a bit chaotic, but with a couple short blasts of a whistle, everyone stops and listens !  The GOAL : have fun.  The AWARENESS : be safe.  The EDUCATION : immense… talks on how quads and paras function and the origin of wheelchair rugby and how it offers everyone an opportunity to compete equally in sport.  And kids say the darndest things :) … when you ask a kid what is the most valuable thing you learned about being a good teammate, the answer is “Be Nice to each other because they are your friends and mates”…learning to rely on each other to play a good game, to share the glory, to  keep focused, to encourage each other, win or lose, and understanding everyone has value on the team, whether they score the goals or defend the goal line.

Check out our Community Program Photos for more photos !

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