Okanagan Brownies Play on KOs Home Turf

One of our Peers, Lauren English, introduced us to the Okanagan Pathfinders last year as they were working their way to achieving their Community Badges.  This year we met her Brownies Club.  Bringing in groups like this to meet the KOs maybe gives us a reason to goof off and play like kids ourselves again…  But it also allows us to share our knowledge and support the growth of our sport for the future, while providing the minds of tomorrow an opportunity to understand how much we are all the same… and that wondering about a person’s abilities should not impair our interest in communication, our judgement or our goals.  We encourage everyone to ask questions to better understand the difference between A-Bility and the ever-changing adjective known as ‘disabled person’.


From safety and chair maneuvering, ball skills to ‘British Bulldog’, the girls were gradually introduced to the contact part of our sport, and once we got to full on scrimmaging it would have seemed chaotic to anyone dropping into the middle of our demo with all the screaming and laughing and shouting out to teammates !  During a couple water breaks the girls learned, while they were still strapped into wheelchairs, just how hard that task is even using a lowered ‘child-height’ drinking fountain.


And later with a cool down, some granola snacks, more water, and a great group session of Q & A, everyone learned a little more about each other and what we can all do to collectively support each other for healthier and happier future generations.


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