Our BIGGEST Practice Ever !!

Crazy !… it started out as just an average day but what turned out to be the highest attendance at a practice that we’ve ever had.

Although we’ve only had the program truly running for a year and a half, the Kelowna KOs are finding there is a growing interest in our sport  program.  Thanks to generous community, provincial, federal, and individual supporters and our Volunteers (take a look at our Community and Sponsors Page in the top menu), we have grown from an average of 4-5 people at practices, to what turned out to be 14 people in rugby chairs, 2 coaches, 1 official, an assisting official, and 4 sideline members  and spectators, plus JacksonDog ! :)

Due to the sheer numbers of people, sport chairs, and day chairs, we found ourselves at game speed from the moment we rolled into the building.  So much fun !

We look forward to seeing more of you out there to fill the chairs we still have available !!

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