Kelowna Okanagan Wheelchair Rugby Association and its Volunteers are a registered Not For Profit Society.  We welcome individual and corporate donations, fundraising ideas, awareness and recruitment opportunities.

Costs include operations/facility rentals/competition travel & hosting/HR and course fees/equipment purchases and maintenance at a need of $30-40,000 annually.  We assist players and the club to resource grants to purchase custom fit chairs while having available 5 additional chairs for trials, demonstrations and events.  We are able to keep Membership fees to a minimum through successful Grant proceeds and your generosity.

New Players and Volunteers are always welcome.  There’s a place for everyone and lots of fun to share !


   Custom manufacture of Adaptive gloves, seating, straps by c3style


     BC Wheelchair Sports – Provincial Multi Sports Consult


International Wheelchair Rugby Federation – Sport Governance, Officials and Classification Mentors


The Province of BC and BC Gaming



We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development for their support of  Operational Grants

St. Joseph Elementary School – Practice Facility Rental




The City of Kelowna – Volunteer Support



    Canadian Wheelchair Rugby – National Sport Consult

Vesco Metal Craft – Rugby Sportchair Manufacturer


Boilermakers 359 – Member Sponsor for Stu Wymer




Pacific Sport Okanagan – Okanagan Community Outreach Consult and Coach Training Mentors